Things I would do Post the Scary and Intimidating Covid-19!

Covid-19 live each day to its merit

Do you feel stressed and depressed staying home all the time due to Covid-19? Dont worry you are not alone in this 🙂

I live with my wife and a daughter in Singapore and I have not stepped out of my house for two weeks now. Not even to buy milk or grocery. That is the level of fear Covid-19 has imbibed in me. To add to this, My mom who is almost 60 years old is left to fend for herself all alone in Hyderabad India.  Seeing her struggling with buying grocery, daily essentials makes me worried for all those parents and kids who live far apart like me.

No matter how sad or stressed we are, we have to endure this all to see the silver lining after this seemingly eternal darkness. So here are few things that I would do post whole Covid-19 possie:

  • Go and Hug my mother tight. Yes I miss her so much at this point that I want to go and hug her tight. She sent me a childhood picture (of my birthday celebration) and she cried over the phone which made me realize how many more would face similar things out there. Mom, if you reading this, I love you so much.

Covid-19 Mom and Son Hug

  • Bring my whole family to the soothing beaches of Thailand and Philippines. My whole family loves beaches and they also bring sense of serenity. We love the beaches in Thailand and Philippines and this trip to all those soothing beauties would just help us get over this nightmare.

Covid-19 Palawan beach

  • Continue to write more often. Writing has always been my passion and between 2013 – 2015 I used to write a lot. (To make money ofcourse). Writing always acts a stress buster for me and I have not been the same guy since I stopped writing. So yes though I already started writing( Because of all the free time, all thanks to Covid-19), I am going to follow my passion and write more often. (Even if it doesnt pay me this time) .

Covid-19 Passion for writing

  • Pickup another skill. I wanted to learn guitar and I also purchased one back in 2012. However never pursued it actively. This time at home made me ponder upon my life so far and I realized I never focused on what I like more and always focused on how I can earn more.

Covid-19 Follow your heart by Ray wilkins

  • Most importantly I am a guy who overthinks at any point of life. I would surely be living each day at its merit going forward and not worry about situation much. The reason being the whole world had so many plans for 2020 and the next few years. All of those plans were shattered in a matter of few days and we are now re calibrating our lives and plans. So yeah, no matter where life takes us, if we just take a step back and take a breather, think and deal each day at its merit, we are surely going to have a better attitude towards life.

Covid-19 live each day to its merit

  • Last but not the least, I would stay happy and optimistic no matter what. The Spanish flu back in 1918, didnt end the world nor did the two world wars and trust me this Covid-19 will also pass soon. So yeah nothing should change our mindset and we should still strive for a progressive and happier society.
Covid-19 Ray of hope Hasan Raza
Image Credit: Hasan Raza

As You can see in the picture above, After every moment of darkness, there will be a silver lining guaranteed. So dont be sad or depressed. Chin up and stay happy no matter what. Signing off with a smile on my face 🙂


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