Perfect Plan for Traveler’s paradise: Thailand

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One of the most beautiful countries in South East Asia is Thailand, the “Land of Smiles”. It is popularly known for its beaches and strong culture. Most people in Thailand are Buddha worshippers. Thanks to the thriving tourism industry, Thailand has become one of the most popular and favorite destination for travelers. Since Thailand provides all kinds of modern comfort, from bachelor to families they feel that it’s the perfect place for them. So, all year round, Thailand gets truckloads of tourists.

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Apparently, this article is directed towards people looking for a perfect location for a getaway or a vacation. Whether you are a backpacker, or want a gal-pal trip or just want to take your family out for a little family time, Thailand can prove worthy for a once in a lifetime travel experience. With the diverse attractions, it will provide a rewarding and most memorable experience.

Let’s start on a solo trip or a trip with your friends or family.  There are two ways to get there. The first conventional way is to fly there via plane which is very convenient and also tickets are affordable and you don’t have to pay for visas. You can easily get there without spending more than 10K. But then, there’s a second way to get there which is via land travel. Do you know that there is a direct road route from Delhi to Bangkok? There’s nothing much more exciting and memorable than a road trip. You’ll be seeing scenic places during the trip, meeting fellow travelers who’ll tell you awesome places you didn’t plan to visit, and of course, listening to some awesome road trip music. As they say, “The journey is the destination, a road trip is an adventure”.

When you reach Thailand divide your places of interest for your whole stay there. Remember the country is famous for its beaches so dedicate an entire day relaxing and detoxing on the beaches.  There are many beaches so choose one and spend an entire day there. After a relaxing day at beaches, have a good dinner exclusively Thai Cuisine.

The next day, take a trip down to Ayutthaya and after that go to the night club. The country has one of the best night lives available in all of the cities. The following days of the trip should be skillfully divided into skydiving, Snorkel in Koh Phi Phi, go diving in Simian Islands, rock climbing in Railey Beach, and go on the shopping spree. You can finish off your vacation with one authentic Thai spa or fish spa. Try to plan your trip in a time of the Famous Lantern Festival. All these will give a good relaxing push to come and start life afresh…

Wat Arun Night view Thailand

If I have to suggest, the best way to go to Thailand is via plane, especially if you’re traveling with the whole family with kids as it is hassle-free. You should also dedicate a day of your trip to Beaches, you can opt one Koh Phi Phi, Don Phi Phi or Railey Beach.  Take a day trip Ayuthhaya. Your kids will love the architectural beauty of the monument. Then, spend the day at the wildlife safari. Enjoy the dance and music of the local people. Try on the new cuisine of northern Thailand. This part is filled with intriguing wildlife, lost trails, and hot springs.

Pai Canyon should be your next destination. This is a mesmerizing experience and a treat to eyes. Shop in the floating markets which are fancifully called Venice of the east. Visit Chiang Mai and get friendly with the daddy tigers. As much as Thailand is known for its beaches it is also known for its amazing Temples. You can check out the entire city from the top of Tiger Cave Temple. On a clear day, you may even have a glimpse of Tropical Islands and the Andaman Sea.

Don’t forget to visit Wat Rong Khun and enjoy the exotic Game of Thrones like beauty. Take a trip to the Elephant Park and participate in the fun-filled elephant bathing ritual.  Take an evening trip to Wat Arun to enjoy the beauty of this porcelain tile monument. Your last trip should be to the Grand Palace. You will get an amazing cultural experience.

Thailand is the perfect destination for an amazing experience. You get the best nightlife and shopping experience. You get some best beaches to hang out on. You will have the best cultural experience. In short, everything you get is best when it comes to this country. That too, at a very low cost.

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