Did you know about these less known places? Episode 02

Welcome back to Episode 02 of  Less known places series. If you haven’t yet read about episode 01, you can do it here.

While a lot of users told me that the first part was fully focused on caves, I was happy that they really didn’t know these places existed. So here I come with 3 more places that would blow your mind and you would absolutely hate yourself not knowing about these less known places before. (Especially if you call your self a nomad and a travel enthusiast)

Huacachina Oasis, Peru

Lets begin with a famous travel destination in South America. We all know Peru and mostly everyone has Machu Picchu in their bucket list. Well yes because a lot of bloggers and news publications have covered it. How many of us have even heard of a place called Huacachina. I bet most who read this may have never even heard of it. That is why it came up as a contender to this less known places series.

What makes this so special is its lush green waters in the center of a desert. Topped with amazing hospitality. My personal favorite activity here has to be sand-boarding. You can also take day trip packages to go there in case you want to cover other places. If this picture above excites you and you want to know more about how to reach there and what to do, you can check that out here.

If you have visited already, please comment below if this fits the bill of less known places according to you.

Blagaz Tekke, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Blagaz seems like just another village town in Bosnia. However, what makes this place special is the Monastery by the side of Buna river. Blagaz Tekke ( or Tekija as they call it) is a very old Monastery of the local Dervish cult. The place is so relaxing and soothing for the human mind. This place deserves a visit if you are around the country. I have checked with a lot of fellow travelers and not a single one from my side of the world knew this place. Hence it tops in the list of less known places.

The place is built in mid medieval times and has a clearly visible influence of Ottoman Architecture. This is considered as a National Monument. The view in the picture below is just something that I cant take off my head.

You can take a bus from Mostar central bus station to reach Blagaz and it costs about 1 Euro. So traveling to Blagaz is not really very tough and is also pocket friendly. If you drive it is about 17 KMs south of Mostar. You can also travel from Sarajevo using public transport.

Hot Springs of Rotorua, New Zealand

I know you may be thinking that you know New Zealand is famous for Hot Springs. We all usually go visit the Auckland hot springs or the Hot water beach in the Coromandel region. Very few people actually explore the hot springs in Rotorua. This is why this attraction made it to our less known places list.

Though it is not as less famous as the other places, it is still not a default or most popular hot spring destination. However, it surely deserves to be one. The place is not as populous as Hot water beach or not as well connected to the rest of the world as Auckland is. In fact, Rotorua is about 3.5 hours train ride from Auckland. Trust me, it is worth all the extra time we spend to travel all the way down to Rotorua.

What do you think of these three places? Please let us know about your views via commenting below. Please like our Fb page if you haven’t done yet. Click here to like the fb page.

There are tonnes of other places on my list and I am going to bring 3 places every Saturday to you guys. So stay tuned and watch out this space for more exciting details on less known places. The series will continue. Signing off. See you all next week again with another set of less known places.

Cheers! Stay safe.


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