Bhutan: This is what Beautiful Dreams are Made of!

Bhutan: This is what Beautiful Dreams are Made of!!!

What Really Makes Bhutan So special?

If one had to unpuzzle nature and put it back together, it would embody itself as the bountiful Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan! The land of the thunderbolt is a  little country bordering Sikkim and Siliguri and is truly a dreamy place to visit near India for us city dwellers; who are used to the smell of the burnt city roads and a symphony of sounds orchestrated by technology.

Bhutan: This is what dreams are made of!!!

Bhutan as a country has lots to boast about, but mostly it’s a secret (Probably why it’s the Happiest country in the world). Bhutan is known to closely guard its ecological and traditional values and tourism began as late as the 1970s! People from all over the world are mystified by this country’s ancient monasteries, temples, and schools of thought but, not many have been able to explore!

To add, Bhutan is the world’s first and only carbon negative country at this point in time. It is the most unique factor to go and see for any sort of tourist.

To maximize your trip to the kingdom of Bhutan, one must start their journey from the capital city of Thimpu. Here you will find that the country is not a place for free-roaming hippies, but one needs to obtain a tourist visa and pay an amount of $250 – $290 ( apart from a $40 tourist visa) per day to travel in Bhutan unless one is an Indian, Bangladeshi or Maldivian citizen. This cost includes your stay in Bhutan too.

Indians can obtain a visa on arrival by just showing their passport or voters Id card. Apart from a few legalities to enter the country, the land is frolicking with indigenous flora and fauna, phallic imagery all across the country, and legal stimulants.

Where to travel in Bhutan you ask?

 One of the insanely beautiful things about Bhutan is that wherever you look, in whichever direction it is worth traveling, exploring, and jamming thousands of pictures on your phone one can rarely say that about other places.

Bhutan: This is what Beautiful Dreams are Made of!!!

To understand the architecture and the standard of living one must make their way to Rinpung Dzong. It’s a fort made in the 16th century and is valued dearly by the Bhutanese people. As this fortress is on a heap of jewels AKA the pearly river beds, it makes for an exciting place for one to truly understand their traditions that date way back in time!

If a little bit of history gets you snoozing, then don’t you worry child! Head right over to Chele La pass, this trek which mounts at an altitude of 3,989 meters, will definitely make you forget about time! Once you have successfully forgotten about the concept of time then you can make your way into the magical realm of Tiger’s Nest Monastery, if you are inspired by Dr strange even a bit, then you are about to lose your mind here!

One of the best places and most visited tourist places in Bhutan is this magnificent monastery nesting on the edge of the Himalayas!

Bhutan: This is what Beautiful Dreams are Made of!!!

Everywhere one travels in Bhutan they will come across exceptional beauty, but what is more exceptional than living beings? Phobjikhais one such place which is situated in the center of the country. It is surrounded with lush green valleys and the Himalayan range that crowns these valley’s, a paradise for bird watchers, one will find an immense number of species frolicking with you while you hike through the woods and the lush lands of Bhutan.

If all this hiking is making your city heart want to shop, then head right over to the busy but pretty lanes of Norzin Lam Streetlocated in the capital city of Thimpu, is one of the best places to hog on delicate souvenirs, great Bhutanese local food and some traditional wine called “Ara”.

The capital is not just like any city we visit in the modern age, this city is blessed with tradition and most buildings are shorter in height than what we see in the mainland India and other countries, this unique architectural style makes it so special to walk around the streets, the small corridors and sweet old ladies giving one cheeky smile. Well, perks of traveling in Bhutan haha.

While there are many places to take your breath away in Bhutan, one must visit one of the largest suspension Bridges in Bhutan over the clear crystal rivers of Po chu! A haven for photographers, this bridge allows the locals to travel from one district to another and this commute offers to be one of the most photogenic ones, so don’t miss out on that!

With this, I hope one takes away being intrigued about this country and dives deeper into the cultural and traditional values that make Bhutan so special. Keep exploring peeps! Follow us on Facebook here.

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