Bhutan for the Crazy Adventure Junkies!

Nesting away with a blanket of mountains around it, Bhutan has reached its notoriety for the finest treks and adventure sports for all the little Indiana Jones of the world! Since there is a lot to explore in this isolated beauty, let’s jump right into it!

The Nose, Outskirts of Thimphu

Bhutan for the Crazy Adventure Junkies!

Starting off with an easy one, which is located right outside the capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu. Any guesses? Well, I am talking about rock climbing! Yes, did the memories of school just have a massive return in your mind!

Rock climbing has been taking an experimental route in Bhutan, it was first made popular by the “Vertical Bhutan climbing club” in 1998 and since then it has seen a steady “climb” in the hearts of adventurers.

One can head to “The Nose”, a popular adventure attraction for tourists in Bhutan for rock climbing. It offers 13 different routes that range in difficulty level so that there is ever a dull moment to dare I say “Rock On”.

Suspension Bridges

Bhutan for the Crazy Adventure Junkies!

There are some more unconventional “adventure exploration” in Bhutan, such as the suspension bridges that are located all across the hidden country. One must spend some time trying to cross these bridges as they are one of a kind, which have been built hundreds of years ago!

If one wants to count meditation as an adventure sport of the mind, then head right over to Punakha Suspension Bridge, one of the longest, handmade bridges in Bhutan.


Bhutan for the Crazy Adventure Junkies!

You didn’t see this one coming, did you? A perfect combination for solo travelers, Kayaking is one of the most scenic adventures one can do in Bhutan with its many calm flowing rivers.

Drift through this Kayaking adventure from rivers such as “Sunkosh, Puna Tsang Chhu,Wang Chhu,Mangde Chhu, KuriChhu as well as Manas river”.

Paragliding 🙂 

Bhutan for the Crazy Adventure Junkies!

A trip to the mountains wouldn’t be complete if one does not see some paragliding action, well at least for the adventure hogs! One of the most mesmerizing places to take this adventure in the blue skies is “ Kamshet in Ura Valley”.

This spot is known for its amazing height and the crazy views one can absorb while paragliding.


Trek to the Hot springs!


If anyone is planning to go to Bhutan, they must visit one of nature’s ultimate fruits! The “Duer Hot Springs Trek, Thimphu” is one of the most popular treks amongst the adventure tourists who travel to Bhutan from all over the world.

This trek is quite an intense one, as it takes up to 3 to 4 days to reach up to the peaks of the mountains to enjoy the sweet Hot springs! But it’s all worth it as it is one of the most photogenic places and no phone camera can do justice to it!

So saddle up my fellow Dora’s and Indiana Jones’s, because an adventure awaits.

Biking in Bhutan

Bhutan for the Crazy Adventure Junkies!

When you are in such a scenic place it is lovely to take a walk on the heavenly roads of Bhutan, but one thing that is a level up from strolling is strolling on a bike while the wind grazes your face and the picturesque town graces your eyes!

One can rent out bikes and speak to adventure companies in Bhutan to easily ride around town. One such place to ride on is from  “Thimphu to Dochula Pass”. This road sees many groups of people riding and enjoying the scenery!

Nabji Korphu Community Based Trek

Bhutan for the Crazy Adventure Junkies!

Bhutan is the Narnia that we are blessed enough to explore and rejuvenate our minds and souls with its serene peace and tranquility.

Nabji Korphu trek is one of the calmest and treks which finishes over a week’s time, though it might sound like a lot, the trek is hosted by experts and each milestone is celebrated with a campout till you reach the top of the mountain!

Even with its tough adventures and heights, it remains one of the most peaceful places to travel.

Not many speak about the charms of calming adventures one can take in from Bhutan, so I hope you enjoy this Articles where we explored the diversity of things one can do apart from the meditation and yoga retreats in Bhutan!

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