Best Beaches to Visit When Life Goes Back to 100% Normal!

Best Beaches to Visit When Life Goes Back to 100% Normal!

There comes a time when a stranger asks you Mountains or Beaches? Beaches! It is always the answer, well at least for me! Today let us “dive” into the “ocean” of the best beaches to visit in the world!

Since this beautiful earth is made up of 71% water, it is quite easy and difficult to pick out the most gorgeous location to visit. From Porto Rico, Hawaii and Thailand, there is so much to “Sea”!

So here are the best beaches to visit from my experience and general user feedback:

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

The Philippines is a country which is surrounded by many little islands that have one of the best beaches in the world! its natural beauty is far more encapsulating in reality rather than on your computer screen! El Nido is a small island in the municipality of the Philippines, which is famous for its uber clear blue waters, white-sand beaches, and an overdose of scenic views and coral reefs.

Best Beaches to Visit When Life Goes Back to 100% Normal!
El Nido Palawan. Best Beaches to visit

One can choose to stay in the central area of El Nido which comprises many budget-friendly hotels and hostels. You could also explore Islands nearby such as “Shimizu Island” which is refreshingly bountiful in its inhabitation of various Fish, beautiful multicolored fish! One cannot miss this.

If relaxing is the only thing on your mind then “Miniloc Island” is just the place, it is popular for calming lagoons and sites quite a bit of tourist attraction. El Nido tops our list of best beaches to visit post-COVID trauma.

Reethi Rah, North Malé Atoll, Maldives

For the dystopian tropical dream Island one should visit one and only Reethi Rah Island. This place is straight out of a Hollywood film and in fact, many celebrity shoots do take place here.

Best Beaches to Visit When Life Goes Back to 100% Normal!
Reethi Rah. Best beaches to visit

Surrounded by impeccable shades of blue and green as far as one’s eye can see, this spot takes a killer jab at being the number 1 luxurious relaxing place in the Maldives.

The Island has been designed to indulge in the beauty of nature and cooling waters, with fantastical suites residing on top of the water and incredible walkways for one to enjoy the true tropical vibe. For that reason alone, this has made it to the best beaches to visit list :). The beach is just at another level.

Honokalani Beach, Wai’anapanapa State Park, Maui, Hawaii

Let’s spice it up and explore one such unique beach in the world and that Honokalani Beach in Maui, Hawaii. Every time anyone talks about Hawaii, one must imagine a tropical paradise, fine sands, and the shining sun.

Best Beaches to Visit When Life Goes Back to 100% Normal!
Honokalani Beach. Best beaches to visit

Honokalani Beach is just that except for incredible Black sands and a thick forest providing ample shade from the bright sun. This beach is a hot spot for tourists as the contrast between the black sand shore and the deep blue water looks mesmerizing.

Truly a must-see destination for anyone who wants to be part of a real-life POSTCARD! Situated in the Waiʻānapanapa State Park, Honokalani is surrounded by nature which means, forest hikes, long walks on the lava deposited coastline, blowholes, freshwater pools, and cute cafes and much more!

You may wonder why a beach without clear white sand makes it to the list of beautiful beaches, especially the best beaches to visit. Well the reason is it is unique and at the same time, it is very charming.

 Elafonísi, Crete, Greece,

Gifted to us from the Gods itself, Elafonisi beach is a solid diamond in the contest of best beaches to visit in the world! The crystal clear waters of this little Island have propelled itself to become a protected nature reserve.

Best Beaches to Visit When Life Goes Back to 100% Normal!
Elafonísi, Crete. Best beaches to visit

The calm and cool waters in Crete makes this place uber-luxurious, one can walk in the shallow waters and even sit on the naturally submerged rocks and just gaze at the beautiful site. Since it’s a small island one would find many tourists backpacking and taking road trips from Chania Old town, a well-connected area that offers busses, taxis and rental cars to travel to Elafonisi.

The location and the ambiance make this beach special and hence it made to our list of best beaches to visit. Please let us know if you have visited by commenting below.

Temae Plage Publique, Moorea, French Polynesia

If one ever wants to pretend to be in a movie like “Castaway” but still have all the amenities near you, then head straight to this Temae Beach, Moorea.  Glistening with coral reefs and sandbars, this beach is another spot in the world of beaches that needs to be visited.

Best Beaches to Visit When Life Goes Back to 100% Normal!
Temae Plage Publique. Best beaches to visit

French Polynesia is one of the most chill places to travel as it has it all, with well-connected transportation and many tours for day exploration of the Island.  Temae also has a handful of hotels and restaurants to try the delectable local food, music, and drinks!

There are lots of beaches in French Polynesia, Temae had a different charm. This is the reason it made it to our list of the best beaches to visit.

The Bahamas

 There is the Bahamas and there is Grand Bahamas, a place which is on the northernmost island in the Atlantic Ocean. This exceptional tourist spot of the world is famous for its serene beaches, white sands, candy-floss skies, and all-inclusive luxury hotels.

Temae Plage Publique,
Bahamas Beaches. Best beaches to visit

The island has maintained its uber class facilities and also dwelled into making their guests try the Bahamian culture of the place. The island not only offers many great water activities like, snorkeling, motorboats, water paragliding, but also is surrounded by local markets.

The Grand Bahamas is located near other popular beaches such as Xanadu, which also has a local market which strives in local crafts, food and more, it also offers a duty-free shopping experience for the international tourists.

One can also head to Port Lucaya which offers educational activities such as witnessing various dolphin schools or a variety of exotic birds who inhabit the island. All this grand package also pushed us to put the cruising paradise in our list of best beaches to visit.

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